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Dimer self-organization of 53cr impurity ions in synthetic forsterite / A. S. Apreleva, A. A. Sukhanov, V. F. Tarasov et al. // Magnetic Resonance in Solids. — 2019. — Vol. 21. — P. 19402–19402.

Effect of melt non-stoichiometry on chromium entry into cr:mg2sio4 crystals / E. V. Zharikov, K. A. Subbotin, V. V. Sanina et al. // Journal of Crystal Growth. — 2019. — Vol. 523. — P. 125153. The study of chromium doped forsterite Cr:Mg 2 SiO 4 laser crystals grown from non-stoichiometric melts has been accomplished. Concentration series of the crystals were grown by Czochralski technique from the melts with different MgO/SiO 2 molar ratios. The unit cell parameters of the crystals and their hydrostatic densities were measured, and the actual molar weights of the samples were calculated. Both the revealed hydrostatic densities and the actual molar weights appeared to be essentially less than the corresponding values for the stoichiometric Mg 2 SiO 4 . Cr4+ content in the crystals, acquired from the optical absorption spectra, linearly increases with increment of MgO excess in the parent melt within whole studied compositions range, whereas the increment of Cr3+ in the same crystals comes to the saturation. This difference in the Cr4+ and Cr3+ behavior opens the potential possibility to optimize the Cr4+/Cr3+ concentrations ratio and to improve in the future lasing properties of the crystals. [ DOI ]

Growth, spectroscopy and first laser operation of monoclinic ho3+:mgwo4 crystal / Z. Lizhen, L. Pavel, M. S. Josep et al. // Journal of Luminescence. — 2019. — Vol. 213. — P. 316–325. A monoclinic 0.86 at.% Ho3+:MgWO4 crystal is grown by the Top-Seeded-Solution Growth method. Its spec troscopic properties are studied with polarized light for E || a, b, c. The Ho3+ ion transition probabilities are determined within the modified Judd-Ofelt theory (mJ-O) accounting for the configuration interaction. The intensity parameters are Ω2 = 21.09, Ω4 = 4.42, Ω6 = 2.28 [10–20 cm2 ] and α = 0.053 [10-4 cm]. The calculated radiative lifetime of the 5I7 state is 6.18 ms. The Stark splitting of the 5I7 and 5I8 multiplets is determined with low-temperature spectroscopy. The absorption, stimulated-emission (SE) and gain cross-sections for the 5I8 ↔ 5I7 transition are derived. Ho3+:MgWO4 features a large Stark splitting of the ground-state (380 cm-1), high maximum σSE of 1.82 × 10–20 cm2 at 2.083 μm, broad gain spectra and high luminescence quantum yield making it suitable for efficient continuous-wave and mode-locked lasers at ∼2.1 μm. First laser operation of Ho3+:MgWO4 crystal is demonstrated at 2.104 μm reaching a slope efficiency of 72%. [ DOI ]

Yb-doped double tungstates for down-conversion applications / S. Elisa, B. Alfredo, M. Luca et al. // Optical Materials. — 2019. — Vol. 94. — P. 415–422. The paper discusses the potential of several Yb-doped scheelite-like double tungstate crystals for sunlight down-conversion. Four hosts NaY(WO 4 ) 2 , NaY 1/2 Gd 1/2 (WO 4 ) 2 , NaY 2/3 Gd 1/3 (WO 4 ) 2 , and NaY(Mo 1/2 W 1/2 O 4 ) 2 with the same 10% at. Yb doping level were comparatively investigated. Besides that, the effect of increase the Yb concentration from 10 at.% to 15 at.% was checked in case of NaY(WO 4 ) 2 crystal host. The efficient ytterbium 900-nm broadband emission was obtained under ultraviolet excitation, despite the absence of Yb absorption lines in this range. This happens due to non-radiative energy transfer from donor centers of the hosts to Yb active ions. This absorption wavelengths range of the host can be tuned by changing the crystal chemical composition. The obtained results indicate that the family of Yb-doped scheelite-like double tungstates is a suitable candidate for developing down-converter materials for solar energy applications. [ DOI ]

Акустооптический эффект на сдвиговых акустических волнах в кристалле krs-5 / В. С. Хоркин, М. С. Кузнецов, К. А. Субботин, В. Б. Волошинов // Сборник трудов XVII Всероссийской школы-семинара Физика и применение микроволн имени А.П. Сухорукова (Волны-2019). — Секция 9. Акустика и акустооптика. — г. Можайск, 2019. — С. 111–113.