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Общий стаж работы 40 лет (с 01.09.1979)
Стаж работы по специальности 40 лет (с 01.09.1979)


213bi production and complexation with new picolinate containing ligands / I. L. Sinenko, T. P. Kalmykova, D. V. Likhosherstova et al. // Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry. — 2019. — Vol. 321, no. 2. — P. 531–540. Binding of bismuth cation with two newly synthesized picolinate containing acyclic (L1) and macrocyclic (L2) ligands was studied. Both ligands demonstrate complex formation with Bi3+ under ambient conditions with high complexation constants. Serum stability of the complexes was investigated in serum protein excess of 10- and 100-times. Experiments with no-carrier-added radiobismuth (207Bi and 213Bi) were performed. A one-column 225Ac/213Bi generator system, based on Ac resin (Triskem Inc.), was tested. The overall yield of 213Bi was exceeding 85% with 225Ac breakthrough below 10−4%. [ DOI ]

Benzoazacrown compound: a highly effective chelator for therapeutic bismuth radioisotopes / E. V. Matazova, B. V. Egorova, E. A. Konopkina et al. // MedChemComm. — 2019. [ DOI ]

Aleksandra A., Malakhova A. V., Elmar. Challenges of translating polysemantic and multi-equivalent terms within theframework of economic professional discourse // Professional Discourse and Communication. — 2019. — Vol. 1, no. 1. — P. 46–55.

Chemoselective detection of ag+ in purely aqueous solution using fluorescence "turn-on" probe based on crowm-containing 4-methoxy-1,8-naphthalimide / P. A. Panchenko, A. S. Polyakova, Y. V. Fedorov, O. A. Fedorova // Mendeleev Communications. — 2019. — Vol. 29. — P. 155–157. [ DOI ]

Donor–acceptor (e)-2-(2-(2,2'-bithiophen-5-yl)vinyl)benzo[d]thiazole: synthesis, optical, electrochemical studies and charge transport characteristics / S. D. Tokarev, Y. A. Sotnikova, A. V. Anisimov et al. // Mendeleev Communications. — 2019. — Vol. 29, no. 5. — P. 567–569. Condensation of 2-methylbenzothiazole with 2,2'-bithiophene-5-carbaldehyde affords the title compound, a new chromophore. This compound was used for the doping of poly[9,9bis(6diethoxylphosphorylhexyl)fluorene], and the obtained composites demonstrated high electron mobility (1.50×10–4 cm2 V–1 s–1) in contrast to dopant-free matrixes. [ DOI ]